Leap of Faith Stories

Leap of Faith answered prayers

My prayer request for the Leap of Faith last year was for more peace.  During the time of prayer and fasting, God taught me a lot about how to trust Him to give me more peace.  I realized how I was taking on a lot of worries and trying to solve them in my own strength.  I learned how to catch when I was worrying and to give over my worries to God.  I’m not stress-free, but I have come a long way and have noticed how my migraines, headaches and chest pains have reduced in number and intensity. 

I had been on a break from communicating with my family for nine months and my prayer was that we would be able to talk again.  It was answered!

I was part of an adulterous relationship, but couldn’t find a way out.  I was plagued by not having the power to stay away and prayed for the Lord’s strength to help me.  Glad to say I have not been in any contact with that person in four months.

I’ve needed to have these times of intense connection to God and l look forward to Lent each year, especially how this church does it.

My husband and I fasted and prayed for a husband for my sister.  It seemed impossible at the time, because my sister is so picky.  But nothing is impossible for God!  My sister met a guy in January 2010 and got married in August 2010.  And he is not just a guy—he is the partner God has set aside for my sister.  He met all the criteria of the “list” of my sister’s “wants” in a husband.  My brother-in-law is a nice, pleasant, thoughtful person in a great profession, comes from a great and loving family, smart and, most of all, a lover of Jesus! 

I was invited to an interview and was offered the job during this time.

I have been praying for the last two years during our Leaps of Faith to ask if God would provide a Christian woman into my life.  And all of a sudden God blessed me with someone who I feel is a perfect match.  This has really changed my life.  We are getting married in June.

A Leap of Faith prayer for me was to have God open up ways for me to be a better friend and wife, to be more relational with those who surround me.  Since then, God has shifted the relational paradigm in my life to open my eyes to those around me and to have more energy and patience.  Since this, my husband and I have started a neighborhood small group focused just on having faith discussions (loosely following the Seek platform).  It’s been amazing!  And encouraging to think it started with a Leap of Faith prayer.

We had been trying to get pregnant for 1.5 years.  We had gone to the doctor to get fertility treatments and were about to start the treatment when the Leap of Faith started.  The fertility drugs were sitting in our fridge ready to be used the following week if our last natural attempt failed.  During the Leap of Faith, we prayed to get pregnant and we did!  Without treatment.  The drugs sat in our fridge until they expired a few weeks ago.

When the Leap of Faith started, I asked God to help me fall head over heels in love with my husband.  I really wanted to not just work hard at a marriage but think the highest of my husband and really admire him even with his flaws.  I really think God changed something that not only built on what we’d worked hard at, but took our enjoyment of each other to another level.

Leap of Faith answer: Amazing job for my husband, better than he could have secured on his own without God’s intervention.

Four or five years ago during the Leap of Faith, Dave asked: What would you do for God if there were no limitations?  As he often does, he allowed for a few moments of quiet time and the answer came instantly and obviously: I would care for orphans.  I’d worked with kids for years, so it didn’t seem too far off base, but this was different, more personal and more persistent.  I spent eight months fleshing out the idea myself, with God and others.  Then I took the leap and started the process of adopting a child through the foster care system.  Fourteen months later I met my daughter and fourteen months after that she became my daughter in the eyes of the law.

My husband and I prayed for a baby and over that season we became pregnant.

We prayed for my husband’s brother to experience more of God and he confided in us (without knowing we were praying) that he had finally asked God one day if he was real and he felt like God said, “What do you think?” and he went to a church service after that.  Praise God!  He’s come away from that now, but we’ll be praying for him again this time around for more experience with God.

A few years ago during the Leap of Faith I was praying for a job—I found one and got it just after the Leap of Faith and it was actually a career-founding job for me.

At the time of last year’s Leap of Faith, I was in the process of studying for my doctoral qualifying exams after having failed them once and having only one more chance to take them.  It may seem like a problem of much less importance than other things going on in the world, but it was an incredibly trying experience for me.  In the midst of this, I just asked God to help me out somehow through the Leap of Faith.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I have been so blessed by what came out of that one.  By constantly immersing myself in the Word and holding frequent conversation with God, I learned to rely on Him so much.  Every day I felt reminded that my brain was no longer enough to sustain me in this life.  I am a small person with limited power and God is almighty and my sustainer!

During last year’s Leap of Faith, I was very thankful for “serendipitously” getting a new direction in my research, which had been stalled for about three years and for getting an answer to a relationship question I had.

During a Leap of Faith several years ago, I prayed for a suicidal friend who had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.  About half way through the Leap of Faith, she suddenly ceased to experience the symptoms she had been dealing with (constant fatigue, will to live, depression, unbearable despair) and to this day, though she has occasionally felt very tired, those chains have been broken off her.  She is a healthy, lovely 23-year-old wife and mother of two and one of my closest friends.  Praise Jesus for her ability to live and enjoy her life abundantly!

Our son is a direct answer to prayer.  After years of struggle with getting pregnant and keeping a pregnancy to full term, we used the Leap of Faith to pray for a baby.  Many people joined us in prayer, and instead of us carrying pressure of trying to make it happen, we gave it to God through prayer and fasting.  At the end of the Leap of Faith, we became pregnant and our son was born nine months later.  We are now expecting our second child.  We remember daily what a gift our son is and daily thank God for him.

Two years ago I prayed for two things: to move towards marriage and to get an awesome job in Boston (my job was moving to Pennsylvania and I wanted to stay in Boston).  I am engaged to be married this summer.  I also got offered a new position with my company to stay in Boston.  Praise God!  Totally awesome!

I am more hopeful and faithful and thriving than I have been in some time.

I prayed intensely for the city of Boston’s MBTA—to remove corruption and abuse.  I knew this change could make an improvement to every person’s life, make life easier, more pleasant and enjoyable to live and commute in Boston.  I was surprised when I was personally invited to the opening ceremony of the “where’s my bus” application for mobile phones.  I was able to hear all the improvements the department of transportation was making to improve the welfare of the MBTA users.  This was a huge praise God moment for me!  Not only this new technology which I use every day, but then I was actually at the opening ceremony which was not open to the public.

Last year during the Leap of Faith, I learned the value of fasting!  I am such a food person.  I never wanted to fast, but I did.  Now I feel God pulling me closer, meeting me, answering prayers through the fasting and prayer that I have done since that time.

No “answers,” but…

Right before the start of the Leap of Faith, two friends and I felt like God was leading us to pray for husbands.  As of yet, we are still single, but I feel like this group has been a real encouragement to each of us.  God has increased our faith, refined our character and given us a new understanding of what a godly marriage is supposed to be.  We hope to continue praying throughout this next Leap of Faith.

I decided to fast from caffeine and found out that I could get up in the morning better.  So, although my prayers weren’t answered, I’ve had a wonderful year after decaffeinating myself.  Mornings are no longer painful and sleep comes much easier.

I’ve always enjoyed my Leaps of Faith, though I don’t point to any answered prayers.  I’ve seen good things come of inviting God into my biggest dreams.  Last year we did the leadership teaching and I’ve really learned from those lessons and I’ve made career choices based on the desire to grow more than do what I like doing the most.

Non-Leap of Faith miracle stories

I found out that I had a growth on my spine that created a hole inside my back which required surgery.  The Sunday before the surgery, I asked members of the prayer team to pray my surgery goes well.  My surgery was eight days later and when the doctors went to operate, they found it wasn’t necessary and that my back had miraculously healed almost 100%. 

I went to the dentist and the dentist told me that I had a lot of cavities and I will need fillings and a possible root canal and my insurance wouldn’t be able to cover all of it.  I started going to Healing Rooms for emotional and financial prayer.  The oral health was something that I prayed for and when I went back to the dentist, I did not have one cavity and didn’t have any oral health problems.

Greater Boston Vineyard Blessings

I’ve always felt a spirit of poverty and scarcity in my life.  Since I’ve been at the Vineyard, I feel it’s been (mostly) broken off!  I feel like my life is abundant with new hope and possibilities.

I feel more connected to God than at any time in my life, and I am very grateful.

Renewal, in a word.  Renewal of my interest in celebrating God in my life with others.  Renewal of my interest in reading the Bible—as the passages Dave discusses in his sermons prompt memory, imagination and confidence in my “claim” to these stories.

I went to the Well program last year with much on my heart and a feeling that my life was quickly spiraling out of my control.  It had gotten to a point where my emotions were so overwhelming that I resorted to self-injury to resolve them.  However, with constant journaling and prayer, I have been blessed with release from many past wounds.

I have walked with Jesus for a long time and have often felt like I couldn’t live up.  Here it is different.  I feel loved by God in the midst of all the challenges in my life.  It is a freedom I have not known.  I feel like a little girl, skipping across a wide open field with a blue sky overhead.

The combination of quality worship, relevant and compelling teaching and easy access for unchurched folk is irreplaceable.

I came to the Vineyard last summer after experiencing a pregnancy loss and I was really lost.  My time here in those first few months helped me build a relationship with God and to find healing for this loss. A few months later, my husband and I were able to conceive again as soon as we were able to try!  And I got a strong message from God that this time would work out just fine.  And things are just great.

I was having elevated blood pressure, which has been completely corrected by God as a result of many visits to Healing Rooms and prayer.

I realized that He had not forgotten me and that I no longer needed to harm myself because He already died/ was broken for me.

Through my small group, I participated in Community Outreach (Soccer Nights).  At this event, I really saw how Vineyard is touching many diverse lives.

My wife and I went to one of the marriage/prayer evenings and it was great!  We reconciled on an issue dividing us and saw a change for the better in our marriage. 

Being a part of GBV has completely changed my life.  I feel more satisfied, hopeful and at peace.  It’s such a relief knowing I’m not alone.  I don’t have to have everything figured out and it’s not all up to me.

I feel so lucky to have discovered the Vineyard.  I’m going through a rough patch in my life right now and this church is the best thing in my life.  I’ve never looked forward to church before—and now by Friday I’m anxiously awaiting Sunday.  I feel whole and healed here, and after the sermons I feel like I have the tools to be a better person and live a better life.  I am so grateful for this church!

A feeling of contentment that had always escaped me in Boston before.

Vineyard has been a blessing for me for many years as a single mom and now for my family.  My kids cannot wait for Sunday to come to Sunday school.  I feel so lucky to have Vineyard.  We meet so many Christians at Vineyard.  One of its greatest strengths is its diversity of different cultures and ages.

Freedom to experience Jesus and community without persistent judgmentalism.

I have been anxious/depressed for quite awhile and I am now getting the help that I need to become a great person.  I am still scared, but I still come every Sunday, Monday (Mom to Mom) and Wednesday night (The Well).  Thank you for being such a well-resourced church which allowed me to be broken in front of people so that I may be healed.

The small group was a major factor in my being cured from a severe midlife depression which threatened my family, my professional employment and my whole life.  Thank God for the Vineyard small groups and their intensity of faith.

Praying for your 6:

This church has transformed the way I view my responsibility for serving God in helping others come to faith and experience of Jesus.  I am both much more awake to my role in collaborating with God in this endeavor in every relationship I’m in and much more free and relaxed in doing so, confident that it doesn’t depend on me and my knowledge, but on paying attention to the evidence of God’s acting in others preceding my engagement with them. 

Recently my daughter has opened her heart to Jesus.  She had come to the Christmas Eve service.  Jesus is healing her of many illnesses.  She also accepted a Bible I bought her at the bookstore and she’s been reading it.  Praise God!

I’ve seen my wife follow Jesus and big changes happen in her life.


Finding faith:

I came to Cambridge estranged from God but have reestablished a relationship and am learning to be dependent on his faithfulness every day.  My heart is always full of gratitude for finding Vineyard and finding a loving father waiting for his prodigal daughter to return.

Our walk with God was on life support nine months ago.  We were dead.  We had come from a bad church experience and were hurt, bruised, and not at all sure that God loved us.  We heard messages of God’s passionate love, the importance of forgiveness and reconciliation and how God wants to personally bless us by speaking to us and through his Holy Spirit.   We were blessed to find a small group where our renewed walk with God could be nourished and encouraged.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  God is good.

For the first time in my life, I feel a sense of protection and peace.  Thank you for supporting my journey into a life with Jesus.  Praise God!

Kind of tough to put into a simple summary, but basically my life has meaning now since I started coming to the Vineyard from a non-church background.

I feel like a family here, that there are other seekers out there and that I am not alone.  I like that there are blacks, Hispanics, Asians here and not just suburban whites (I am white).

My experience of the Vineyard for the last five years has been incredibly life-changing.  I wandered in one Sunday after seeing an ad on the T, not knowing anyone here, not believing in God, not having set foot in a church in sixteen years.  I never stopped coming back.  And everything changed for the better since then.

I had distanced myself from God.  I suffered a painful divorce and felt like an outcast in my family.  Through attending the weekly services, I have felt God speak to me.  He has led me to peace in my divorce and mended my relationship with my family.  In the second year here, I lost my job and had lost all hope.  I ran out of savings and didn’t know where to turn.  I lost confidence in myself and my worth.  I came to weekly sermons and received prayer for employment.  Now I not only have a job, but have been promoted to the position I have wanted my entire career.  While I looked long and hard for a job, I know God spoke to me weekly while at services, saying, “Don’t give up. I am here to guide you to the right job.”  I have learned a lot about myself and the true meaning of life.  I know God is good and has a plan for me.  There are no words to describe the strength I receive at the Vineyard.

I have been able to have community/friends/relationships since becoming a Christian again following a long-term hiatus.  Isolation has gone and I now feel love where I couldn’t previously.

At a time in my life when I was feeling lost and alone/ out of touch with God, I was led to Seek, which was a phenomenal experience.

Coming to Boston, I was tired of churches/ Christian culture.  I had lived that life too long.  I didn’t want to go to church again.  However, I still felt I needed to hear thoughts outside myself, so I somehow found myself coming late, sitting in the back with my coffee every Sunday at the Vineyard.  And I listened to thoughts that resonated within me every Sunday.  No Christian-ese, no “exclusive worldviews,” but instead a love for one’s neighbor.  And on a personal level, God always seems to be one step ahead—it’s often as if on Sunday the message has been tailored for my current state.  Long story short: Vineyard has been a key instrument in God becoming real to me again.

I was brought up in a church and did not feel much from that.  However in my first times at the Vineyard I have felt a huge rush and warmth that I now know to be the Holy Spirit.  I feel opened up to love others and to God.